Hearts of Deception

Hearts of Deception


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hearts of Deception

My Hearts of Deception narrative is presented in  a series of vignettes. I want my viewer to be seduced by the color, lured by the playful shapes, then drawn into photographic narratives. Each photographic narrative is intertwined within the forms. I find digital photography's mutable nature an advantage, and the way photography, painting and design can be integrated and restructured into a new paradigm.

The topics addressed are the domestic lives of women and contradictions they confront from their various social and personal experiences. Each of the images are conveyed by a panoply of forms which carry the specific photographic content.

"Targeting  Vulnerability"

"Sins of the Heart"
"Sweet Home"

It is my objective in this series that the viewer is attracted by color and shape, and then proceeds to examine and explore the photographs, then the paradox. I have moved from photographs rectangular format toward a geometry of space where the abstraction both mirrors and conveys disruptive contradictions. It is my intention that this more painterly approach directs the photographic content to show the complex visual information and highlights the implied irony. The heart selections focus on various aspects of a women’s world and the paradox between idealization and one’s reality.